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Child Advocacy

Child Advocacy

A professional advocate is someone who is trained in education that seeks to protect children’s rights which may be neglected.  A Child Advocate’s goal is to make sure your school district is providing the services and support to which your child is entitled by Law.  


ATTEND - $100

An advocate will attend SST, IEP, 504 meetings with you and advocate on behalf of the student.  This will allow you a neutral party to decipher the education terms and assist with the process of serving your students needs. 
**It is suggested that this is done in conjunction with Prepare, listed below.


A one-hour session to appropriately prepare you for a SST, IEP, or 504 meeting.  We will review the student’s current struggles, current accommodations and discuss possible solutions.  We will give you a cheat sheet of important  terms, jargon and information as a part of parent education so you feel prepared to advocate for your child.   Discuss specific needs for your child and accommodations you will want to ask for.


Assist in communication with educators in regards to services for students.  This could be requesting an initial consultation, discussing accommodations with teachers, or working directly with the district regarding education code.  We will draft emails/communication that can be sent directly to the educators from the parents’ email address.    

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