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About Me

Leslie Dickson has worked in Education for the last two decades.  She is a professional recognized throughout career for delivering educational strategies to diverse organizations with a focus on establishing positive learning environments.  

She is a resourceful and visionary education advocate  with excellent communication skills and professional demeanor.  She is recognized throughout the community for unyielding commitment to continual growth and learning to ensure students achieve their full academic potential.    She has worked with Special Education students for the last 15 years.  She has raised her own Special Education children and her own personal experiences have helped her relate to her clients and their families.   She has a BA in Liberal Studies, Minor in Psychology, California Teaching Credential and a Master’s in Education. 

  • Attend IEP, 504, SST Meetings

  • Fill out forms

  • Parent Education

  • Prepare for school meetings

  • Communicate on your behalf

  • Suggest Accomodations

  • Assist with educational journey

  • Executive Funcitoning Coaching

  • Homework Coach

  • Homework Check-ins

  • Teach study skills

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